Healthy fish from mountain river waters



With more than 60 year existing, fish farm Dosnica has a long tradition of producing trout (rainbow trout and river trout Salmo trutta fario) and for the first time and only, in our fish farm there is fresh Coho salmon.

The fish farm is located in the municipality Demir Kapija, only 5 km away from the highway Skopje-Gevgeljia. The fish farm has about 2000 m2 useful land and 100 tones consume fish per year at disposal.

Our company is working very hard to increase the production with introduction of a new technologies and to become a company leader for trout production in Macedonia.

In our hatchery we produce 500 000 fingerlings of rainbow trout and river trout in one turn.

DPUP Dosnica DOOEL is authorized regional sales representative for fish food from the famous producer Aller Aqua.