Healthy fish from mountain river waters



Rainbow trout - Oncorhynchus mykiss

Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss), with consume size from 250 - 400 g. The Rainbow trout prefers cold, clean and high-quality water. Our fish farm was built on the river Dosnica, which has the high-quality water that this specific trout-species requires. The rainbow trout posses a wide spectrum of colors and that is also the reason of its name - "rainbow". This trout possesses a high-quality meat, an essential factor for the nutritionists and for all those who take care of their health. The rainbow trout is sold usually fresh, in its consume size.

River trout - Salmo trutta fario

The - “ River trout (Salmo trutta fario) lives in very clean, oxygen-rich water. It is characterized by its golden-brown color and black, as well as red spots all over its body. Except as consume this trout-species is also used for stock with fish of open water surfaces and it is quite attractive for sport fishing.

Aller Aqua feed

Aller Aqua feed is manufactured in factories in Danmark and Poland. Modern production facilities and careful selection of row materials make for uniform quality. Aller Aqua offers wide assortments of feed for freshwater and saltwater fish. All of the products are produced by means of extrusion. The feed must cover the basic metabolism of the fish and ensure healthy growth's In order to meet these requirements, the feed composition must meet all needs for nutrients, vitamins and minerals. For more information please click here. Since july 2006 DPUP Dosnica became a representative of Aller-Aqua, leading producers of fish feed with exceptionally quality. Dosnica is a representative for R. Macedonia and the region. For the contact information please click here.

Coho salmon

For the first time in Macedonia, fish farm Dosnica is started raising Coho salmon.